Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 = selfishness and thankfulness

Hello, this is the first time I am writing for the year 2018.  So far already been quite the year.  My family has got hit with sicknesses.  We seem to be very busy for some reason.  Thankfully with the snow my work has slowed up but I still go in every day except for weekends which is nice.  I am including a picture of my children when we went to Turkey run this past November.  It was on a Saturday.  We had just got done with harvest and we picked up Michaela from school and spent the day as a family.  It was great.

They are growing up so fast.  I am thankful.  I had a situation already happen in the young year where I found out I am pretty selfish.  As humans we all are.  The Bible confirms this.  I was thankful the situation did not happen however it made me realize how selfish we all are.  I and my fellow humans need to be more thankful!!!  This picture is from Turkey Run and though it was a little chilly out(probably about 50 degrees) we made the best of it and enjoyed a nice hike.  I had been working a lot of hours the month before however it worked out best to go when did since harvest was done.  Not many people were there. 
I have been reading my uncle Jacks blog about Obama and different things and he has a lot of good points.  We need to not be sheep in this world.  The number one thing is to follow Jesus.  There will be no churches in Heaven.  I was born and raised in a conservative church.  I am thankful for my upbringing however there are and were some certain traditions about my church that I wondered about.  This past year in 2017 they okayed men wearing beards.  I am not sure why it never was accepted in the first place since it is not against the Bible to wear a beard.  A person must always go to the Bible first and then use that Biblical lense to analyze what a human or organization is trying to do.  I am thankful though for my upbringing we just all need to go to the Bible first.
Everyone have a great 2018, and I will try to write more later.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Been awhile for ben to post

Good evening,  A lot has happened since my last post in October.  I am quite thankful that President Donald Trump prevailed.  His first 100 days has went fast.  I give President Trump kudos on changing Mexico City policy, starting keystone pipeline, nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme  Court.  I am so thankful he made it to office instead of Hilary Clinton.  I feel hopeful.  I know President Trump is not perfect however I am glad I voted for him(though I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary).  He surprised the media who basically told the general public that Hilary had won.  My distrust for the mainstream media has never been higher.  Right now it seems the big news item is North Korea and if they will try to make the United States upset.  I hope not.  I know North Korea is an evil government keeping their citizens in labor camps if they don't follow the government.  I hope someday there can be freedom for the citizens of North Korea.  I hear the North Koreans don't know much about life outside North Korea because the media tells them lies.  I wonder how often our media lies to us.
Been a busy week planting popcorn, spraying pesticides, etc.  We are about 80 percent done with popcorn already due to the dry weather.  My boss is in his 70's and he cannot remember being done planting popcorn before end of April. My daughter graduates next month.  I cannot believe she will be living on her own in only 3 months.
I like to read books, a trait passed on to me from my mom's side of the family.  I enjoy reading my uncle's blog about politics, etc.  I check my uncle's blog a few times a week.
Also my wife and I went on our first cruise.  It was wonderful.  We had stops along Mexico(Progresso and cannot remember other one.)  I would recommend a cruise to anyone.
Well I will type again another time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mainstream Media and Donald Trump

I watched the 2nd presidential debate this past Sunday night.  Wow, again the 2 moderators were actually debating with Trump.  Again I do not understand why the Republican Party agrees to such terms.  I do not understand.  Then I read that Rush Limbaugh says that the Republican Party in general does not want to win.  I think I am finally starting to see things.  I was disappointed in Donald Trump's tape over the weekend from 2005.  They were crude, horrible comments.  Trump did apologize.  I have never heard Bill and Hillary Clinton apologize.  I myself before I became a Christian(during my sophomore year of college) also was embarrassed of things I did.  I repented of those actions.  I will still be voting for Donald Trump.  Mr. Trump will put in good supreme court justices and seems to be pro-life.  Planned Parenthood is trying to get Hillary elected which tells me that Donald Trump will be pro-life.  When Paul Ryan says he will not defend Trump I now see that the Republican Party is not wanting to win.  I also now am cautious of watching the news because it is trying to brainwash us.
I will continue to pray for the election and our country. 
On a good note the Chicago Cubs won the first playoff series and now will face the winner of the Dodgers and Nationals.  I have followed the Cubs my whole life enjoying them even when they had losing seasons.  This could be the year they win the world series.